Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cards for Kate

I'm praying for Kate and her family. I will also be sending them cards. Would you consider joining me? Excerpt taken from Jennifer McGuire's blog...

Hello, cardmakers. If you are like me, you love any excuse to make a card. And it is even better when it can be given to someone who really needs it. Don't you agree? Yep - it is time for a new Card Drive - a Cards for Kate Card Drive.

Here is some info about Kate:

About 6 weeks ago the life of the McRae family changed forever when their precious 5 year old daughter, Kate, was diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer. Dad (Aaron) is a pastor in Arizona and he and his wife, Holly have two other children, Will and Olivia. Of course this is devastating for the whole family and many are praying for them. (Go to to learn more about this family and their struggle). Kate has a rough road ahead of her for quite awhile. When you hear their story you will want to do anything you can to help.

And one thing we can do to help is to send cards to Kate and her family to encourage them, give them strength, and let them know how many people are thinking about and praying for them. And the most generous and kind people in the world are crafters so we thought we’d have a Cards for Kate Card Drive. This time I have two rockin' friends helping me out - Jana Millen and Kristina Proffitt. Be sure to watch their blogs for more info, etc.

Think of how much it would encourage this family to receive cards from all over the world. You can simply send the cards to me. We will then box them up and pay to send them to Kate's parents. (We have already gotten the ok from them.)

The details:

  • Cards can be for any member of Kate's family:

- Kate (age 5) - The sweet girl who is battling cancer.
- Little brother Will.
- Bigger sister Olivia.
- Mom and Dad, Aaron and Holly.

  • Cards can be anything cheery, encouraging, supportive, etc. (This family is a family of God, so for all you Christians out there, feel free to share messages of Faith.) Anyone can send a card - even your children!
  • Please write a message in the card and sign your name and where you are from. On the card envelope, please write the name of who the card is for (Kate, Will, Olivia, Aaron and/or Kate). Also, please don't seal the envelope, as Kate's parents might want to preview cards before the kids see them.
  • With your cards, please include a piece of paper with your name, address, email address and number of cards. We will keep these for picking out prizes. (See below.)
  • The cards should be sent to:

Jennifer McGuire
Card Drive for Kate
PO Box 428612
Cincinnati, Ohio 45242

  • Please send the cards to arrive by October 1. This should give enough time for those overseas to play along. As we get enough to fill a box to send to Kate's family, we will send them. This way they don't get them all at once. And since they are having some struggles lately, the sooner we get some cards, the better.
  • If you want to send more than just a card (such as a gift), please just send directly to the address given HERE.
  • If you want to donate money to Kate's family, please click HERE. If you want to help cover the costs of shipping, feel free to include some money in with your cards. Any money leftover will be donated to the family. (But there is NO need to include money.)

And... how about some prizes as a thank you for participating? For all the cards we get, we will pick random winners of some great prizes. Click HERE for up-to-date prize info. Stuff will be added soon and often. Please keep in mind that winners will be pick based on piece of paper you include with your cards with your name and info. So, be sure to include it!

Thank you everyone,

Jennifer, Kristina and Jana
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Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Layout made for 2peas Digital Challenge : Inspired by a pea. I was inspired by Christine Drumheller's fabulous layout, "PaPa". I love her block design and the half circle cut out added the perfect touch. Credits: Betsy Tuma - Happy Go Lucky - Delight, Glee, Upbeat and Ecstatic Kits. Michelle Underwood's Fancy Free Kit. 2peas Basic Font. Photo by Susannah Waechter.

So, last Thursday morning, I was asked to join the 2peas Garden Girls. I could not have been more shocked, surprised, excited and honored. I've been a "pea" since April 15, 2003. It is the scrapbook site that I have always called "home". Never had I imagined that I would someday be on the team of ladies that has inspired and motivated me for the past 6 years.

I recently found out that I would no longer be designing for Creative Memories. I was admittedly disappointed. It was a wonderful opportunity and something that I really enjoyed being a part of. My husband encouraged me during that time and reminded me that everything happens for a reason. Well, a month or so later and his advice has come to pass. When one door closes, another one opens.

I couldn't be happier. I hope to be an inspiration to my fellow "peas" and to also continue to be inspired and learn from them. :)

On the home-front....School is in session. Everyone seems to be back to the routine. Soccer is in full swing - everyday practices, Saturday games. Steven is playing high school ball this year with at least 2 games a week and sometimes 3. This year, Nick and Josh's games are all on the same field each week so Nick and I won't have to travel separately. Yay! Saturday were our first games. We were at the field from 9 to 3 and it was so COLD. I couldn't believe it. We were freezing. Note to self - next weekend, bring blankets and coffee, lots of coffee. ;)
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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

back to school!

Credits: MaryAnn Wise - Fantastic Fall Overlays, About Life Brush Set, Antique Attachments, Great Outdoors Paper & Photo Masks. Cinzia Loosemore - Life is Beautiful. Sweet Genevieve Worn Mats. Spotted Dog Designs - ricrac. Font - Texas Hero. Photo by Susannah Waechter.

Credits: Jen Allyson - Fall Jamboree Collection - Solid Papers, Pumpkin Papers, Cards and Fall Flair. Adorn Photo Masks. Font - Champagne & Limousines. Photos by Susannah Waechter.

Credits: Jen Allyson - Fall Jamboree Collection - Solid Papers, Owl Papers, Borders and Fall Flair. Adorn Tea Stained Frames. Apricot Ave. Journal Rubons. Font - Champagne & Limousines. Photo by Susannah Waechter.

The boys had their first day back to school today. They all had a good day. I had a good day and everyone is happy. Well, almost. Drew had a hard time not having his brother's around so I needed to spend a little extra one on one time with him. He was so excited when they got home!

Tomorrow is Nick and I's 14th wedding anniversary. It's kind of hard to believe and kind of not. 14 years of marriage seems like a long time but at the same time I can barely remember a time when he wasn't with me. We'll probably go to dinner but I'm not sure if he has anything else planned. I'll let you know if there are any fun surprises. ;)
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Monday, August 10, 2009

Sensory Processing Disorder Diagnosis

Credits: Jen Allyson's *NEW* Study Hall Full Kit and Blank Cards. Font - Rough Typewriter.

Credits: Jen Allyson's *NEW* Study Hall Full Kit and Blank Cards. Font - Courier New.

Credits: Jessica Sprague Template 12, Crystal Wilkerson's July 2009 Collection - Neutral Papers, Summertime Papers and Elements. Alpha - Taylor Made Signature 2. Font - Champagne & Limousines. Photo by Susannah Waechter.

School is near! My boys go back on the 18th. I think it get's earlier and earlier every year. *sigh* At least all the back-to-school shopping is done. I actually didn't procrastinate this year. Yay!

Not much new going on here. We're just trying to soak up the last few days of summer break. The last 2 days have been super hot, especially after such mild weather this season. That's okay though, the pool is getting some use finally. ;)

I've been doing better health wise. I go back to see the surgeon next week so we'll see what he has to say.

Andrew had his evaluation for Occupational Therapy and has been recommended for therapy by an OT. He has been found to have a mild case of what is called Sensory Processing Disorder. If you would like to read on it here's a link. But basically it is a disorder that is interfering with Andrew's speech, eating and a few other issues. It is also something that is hereditary and upon review of signs and symptoms we are pretty positive (and so is the therapist) that this is something that both of my Nick's have also. With therapy and practice in creating coping skills, it is not something that cannot be overcome.

Well, I'm off to spend some time with my family....
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