Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I know.....

Credits: Crystal Wilkerson - July 2009 Kit - Summertime Elements, Thinly Striped Papers, Tiny Spots Papers, Neutrals Papers, Bold Lines Papers, Summertime Papers. Emily Powers - Photology overlay. Decrow - Drafts & Blueprints. Font -Verdana.

It's been a month since I last posted. There are both good and bad excuses for it.

1) I've been a teensy bit lazy.
2) I've been really busy with summer "stuff".
3) I had some medical issues this month.
4) I've been busy scrapping.
5) I've been a little bit more than a teensy bit lazy. ;)

If you are here just to see layouts.....scroll down to the bottom of the post.....I have many to share. :)

July in short has been a month full of traveling and a bit of sickness for me. I ended up in the ER on the 4th of July for what seemed to be a gall bladder attack. I've been going through multiple testing and although my gall bladder is still functioning - it's not doing all that great. I've been told that there is no emergency to remove it but I'm on my way to having it done sometime in the probably near future. I had been in quite a bit of pain for the first couple of weeks of July but seem to be feeling better for now.

Traveling - We drove my niece Sierra half-way back to Arkansas earlier this month. She was here for about 3 weeks and it was a nice visit. It was a strange thing to have a girl in the house.

Last week, Nick was on vacation and we did quite a few things. The first 3 days of the week we were in Plymouth at the Jellystone. We really do love it there. We went fishing, played at the park, had campfires, went swimming and ate lots of ice cream cones.

The second half of the week we went to Indianapolis. We had two night/3 days at the indoor water park - Caribbean Cove. What a blast that was! The kids LOVED it there. We also went to the Zoo and the Curious Kid's Museum. By the time we came home Saturday evening, I think we were all ready to collapse. :)

I can't believe that summer break is almost over. I am sad to be sending my kids back to school in just a few weeks.

So....that's my update. Here are a few of my newest layouts. I hope you enjoy them. :)

Credits: Jen Allyson/Carina Gardner Collab. - Pink Lemonade. Spotted Dog Designs - Cranky. Mushy - Playing w/Paper. Photo by Susannah Waechter.

Credits: Jen Allyson - Organic Green Papers, Organic Earthy Stamps, Adorn Circle Masks, Adorn Photo Mask. Ali Edwards - Everyday Hand-drawn Brushes. Font - CK Ali's Writing.

Credits: Jen Allyson - Organic Earthy Stamps, Kraft Papers, Sunset Papers and Ocean Papers. Adorn Crocheted Ribbons. Crystal Wilkerson - Handwritten Family Words. Font - VT Portable Remington.

Credits: Audacious Designs - Pieces of Me, Textured Cardstock and Letter Layout Vol. 8. Font - Round Birdie by Audacious Designs.

Credits: Audacious Designs - Goin' Bananas, Round Birdie Font. K. Fredericks - fold.

Credits: Audacious Designs - Fresh and Fruity and Round Birdie Font. Gina Miller - Front and Center #8.

Credits: Audacious Designs - Butterfly Fancy Kit, Flight of Fancy Word Art and Round Birdie Font. Paislee Press Plate No. 22.

Credits: Jen Allyson - Holly Jolly. Font - CK Ali's Writing. Gina Miller Neat 5.

Credits: Audacious Designs - On The Road Kit and Round Birdie Font.

Credits: Jen Allyson - Adorn Painted Masks, Apricot Ave. Solid Papers, Blue Bell Papers, and All About Titles. Spotted Dog Designs - Topography 7. Font - Pea Amy.
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