Monday, June 30, 2008


I know, I've scrapped this photo before but it's just one of my favorites. :) I made this page for two different challenges, one is the Lotus Paperie Challenge 77 and the other is the Coconut Showdown Challenge 3.

My dear talented friend Staci has tagged me so here we go....

Each player answers the questions themselves. At the end of the post the player then tags 4 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment letting them know that they've been tagged and asking them to read your blog. Let the person who tagged you know when you've posted your answers.

Ten years ago:
My 3rd son Nicholas was just a tiny bit over a month old. Where does the time go?

Five things on today's "to do list":
1. take Andrew for a check-up
2. grocery shop
3. catch up on email from the weekend
4. grill out for dinner
5. relax and spend some time with my family. :)

Snacks I enjoy
Ice Cream is my biggest. I am an ice cream addict. Just ask my husband. Other than that, I've been quite fond of M&M's and/or Reeses Pieces while I'm scrapping. Isn't that horrible. Who knows how much sugar I'm consuming by the handful.

Things I would do if I was a millionaire
Gosh, so many things. First we would tithe, right off the top. Then, we would make sure that our family was taken care of. (like my mom for example) then, yeah, I would soooo go shopping. ;)

Places I have lived
Only in Indiana.

I am tagging
Jen Sue
and anyone who would like to play :)
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Friday, June 27, 2008

Chatterbox *Happy Day*

week 1
week 2
week 3

I was ecstatic to find that Chatterbox has put out new products. I think that my favorite one right now is their Happy Day line. It's so fun, bright and cheerful, just perfect for summer projects.

At Memorable Seasons we have had a "Spring Into Summer" mini album contest. Each week one of the design team members gives a prompt to work with. Above are my first three weeks.

Week 1 - make a layout{one page or two page} about your most favorite thing about spring or summer and your least favorite thing about either season.

Week 2 - The theme this week is Water, water everywhere! Use your favorite lake, ocean, beach, pool, sprinkler, hose, water balloon, any other kind of water photos you have in your mini album. Don't have any water photos? You've got all week to take some and scrap them.

Week 3 - Your challenge is to look through a magazine, take a photo of an "ad" that inspires you. Use that ad as your inspiration and scrap about your favorite spring or summer flower.

This week it was my turn to give the prompt. My idea was to have everyone scrap about a favorite summer childhood memory. But -- you'll have to stay tuned for what I came up with. ;)
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Croppinsville Challenge

Friday's challenge is up on the Croppinsville Blog. Janean made this adorable Bo Bunny Purse Board book. You have to go take a peek. :)

For Bo Bunny, I have a couple of past projects using their Star Struck papers. The card was made using a sketch #49 from the Sketch This challenge blog and the layout is just a fun, whimsical one of my little guy getting into the toilet paper. I know the photos aren't the best of quality but who could resist scrapping this? ;)

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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Cosmo Cricket!

Okay, so I didn't make it to the top 12 finalists. Buuuut....I did receive an email last night from Julie. I was one of the top 20 on their list. How cool is that? They are going to send me a box full of Cosmo goodies to play with including new summer CHA releases. Yay!

Although I'm disappointed, it is very satisfying and exciting to know that I made it that far out of so many applicants (over 300!).

Thank you all for cheering for me during the call! Hugs to everyone. ;)
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Tuesday, June 24, 2008


This is a lift of Kim White who is Guest Designer at Lotus Paperie this month.

I made this for the Coconut Scrapbooking Showdown Challenge #2

and this is my card for Sketch This #55

I have been crazy busy lately. But.....I did find the time to scrap some. I just love the satisfaction of creating a beautiful layout. It's just something I can't explain. Anyway, I don't have much time to chit chat today but I promise there's not been anything too exciting that you're missing out on. Oh, do make sure to visit the Croppinsville blog. The bloggers and I have been posting challenges and a bunch of fun stuff. Also, stayed tuned because little ol' me just put together the Memorable Seasons August kit. ;)
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Thursday, June 19, 2008


Croppinsville's Online Store is officially OPEN!!! It's so exciting. There is so much going on right now that you really need to come on over to the blog and check it all out. We've got a game of Hometown Bingo starting soon, an AWESOMELY Cuuuute Autumn Leaves RAK, a FREE Little Yellow Bicycle "Vita Bella" fold-out album to our first 25 customers....You just really need to come and take a peek! See you there! :)
(Card at left is made with "Vita Bella" using Sketch This design #54)

Here's a peek at the new Autumn Leaves "Cute World" could win some of this yummy line but you have to come to Croppinsville to find out the details!
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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

my beloved Cosmo Cricket.

I heard from a little birdie....that my dream Design Team gig has a couple of openings. So, just in case someone were to wander over to my humble blog I thought I would post some of my favorite Cosmo projects. ;)

**A special thank you goes to Jon "the most over qualified warehouse guy ever". I definitely owe you one. *wink*

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Monday, June 16, 2008

father's day.


Friday, I was absolutely surprised and excited to see that my "Sweet Love" layout was hand picked by Michelle (store owner) at AMM for layout of the day. Yay! I am completely flattered!

We're still waiting on a few glitches to get worked out on the Croppinsville site but as soon as it is up and running, you will be the first to know! Make sure to enter the Prima contest that Allie is having!! Oh, and speaking of Croppinsville...I have been hired to be their Resource Director. I will doing a lot of different things for the company and am so stoked to have this position. :)

At Memorable Seasons....We have some new mid-month Design Team Challenges posted here, including an awesome ad inspiration brought to you by me. ;) We also have a Guest Design Team Call going on for July. If you're interested, make sure to sign up here.

Yesterday we spent Father's Day just being together. Every year (when it doesn't rain) we go to a "local" (not so local since we've moved) car show. My two Nick's always look forward to that. ;) Afterwards we went driving around a little and Nicholas asked if we could drive by our old house. It just so happens that is up for sale again AND they were having an open house with my aunt who is their realtor. There was no one else there so we just had to stop in. How cool it was to be in there again. All the remodeling work that we did still looks awesome and current owner kept all of my decorative touches other than two of the paint colors. I LOVE that house. I HATE it's location. Sad really. Anyway, that was just so neat to see it again for all of us.

We swung by Jimmy's dad's house so that he could wish him a happy Father's Day. Unfortunately he wasn't home but, Jim was able to meet his new baby sister who is 8 months old. She has the same beautiful blue eyes that James and Jim share. And oh my goodness is she a chunk. Just like my Jimmy was. She weighs 26 pounds. Just to give you an idea of how chubby she is...Andrew is almost 16 months old and weighs 22. lol Anyway, she's a cutie. :)

We were able to stop at my mother-in-law's and spend a little bit of time, drinking coffee and chatting with her before we headed out to Plymouth for some Mancino's (Nick's fave food) and then some bonfire time with Rick and Jen at their campsite. Josh stayed in Plymouth and is spending a few days camping with them. I KNOW that he was super excited to be doing something other than staying home after all that quarantine time with the fifth disease.

Steve left for Twin Lakes Camp this morning. He goes every year and just loves it. He has been looking forward to it for months.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!
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Friday, June 13, 2008

pet peeves & smiles.

This layout is for the Lotus Paperie Challenge #75This one is for the Coconut Showdown Challenge 1 at Coconut Scrapbooking. The challenge was to make a layout using the modern grid technique. I stamped a few images, drew my grid and then stitched it. :)

I really meant to do my dear Susie's blog challenge earlier in the week but it kept slipping my mind. Sorry Susie! ;)

Blog about a PET PEEVE - something that really irritates you!
But then follow it by Blogging about something besides family that makes you smile!

Pet peeves....Gosh I have plenty it seems. In fact my boys would definitely agree with that statement. Right now, my biggest one? When the boys go out into the pool and forget to take out towels with them. Why is it that men (as a rule) don't plan ahead like women? I mean really, if you go out to swim, you KNOW you will need a towel when you're done. I guess my boys figure that when they're done all they have to do is yell for mom and she'll immediately drop everything she is doing just to bring them out.

Something that makes me smile...Oh gosh, I'm so very excited about Croppinsville! I get all giddy when I think about all the fun stuff we have planned! Yay!!
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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

summer break thus far.

These following two are DT assignments for Memorable Seasons.

The boys have been home for almost a full week now. They are loving every minute of it so far. I can't seem to ever keep them out of the pool. In fact, even with all the sunscreen I have lathered them up with they are all still sporting sunburns on their faces and shoulders. Waterproof, yeah right.
Josh's rash has finally cleared up. Yay! Poor guy was so bored not being able to go out and play. Now we're just kind of waiting to see if Andrew will be coming down with it.
No new news scrapping wise. Still waiting on Croppinsville's site to launch. It's going to be fantastic... :)
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Friday, June 06, 2008

sweet sixteen.

I can hardly believe that my "baby" is 16 as of yesterday. Where does the time go? Seriously. It seems (almost) like yesterday that I was in the hospital waiting to be rolled in to the operating room for a c-section. Today, I have a month before Jim has his driver's license. *sniff*

Well, Happy Birthday Son. I love you and am so very proud of the man you have grown to be. XOXO
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Wednesday, June 04, 2008


In scrapping news....

I've been busy, busy, busy trying to get stuff ready for Croppinsville's site launch. I'm so excited about the Hometown Bloggers. I've also been "promoted" to a full time Creative Crew position and team leader for Croppinsville. How excited am I? :) :) :)

Speaking of Croppinsville....Allie has a PRIMA contest going on...check it out for a chance to win your favorite Prima products!!
Here are a few new projects....

This is my beautiful Aunt Kay. I can't begin to even describe how much she means to me. (I love you lady!)

My boy is loving his sippy cup. :)

And a fun card for Sketch This #53

On the home front...

day one of fifth disease day two

Josh came down with fifth disease last Thursday night. I stopped taking photos after the first couple of days, but I'll tell you - it got even worse than what you see here. It's still bad and it's almost been a full week. I've read that it can last 3 weeks in some cases. ugh. The doctor has him on a strong antihistamine for the itching but in turn it is making him HYPER. He is constantly antsy and hasn't been able to sleep good at night. To top it off he's isolated from the outside world so guess who gets to entertain the boy? I've watched many movies, played many video games and have even had the child sit next to me and draw while I scrapped just so I could get in some creative time. On Saturday he was/is supposed to ring bearer in a wedding. Unfortunately it's an outside wedding and heat/sun actually makes the rash 10 times worse. I guess we'll see what happens.

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