Monday, March 31, 2008


... my take on a sketch for a designer call.

I woke up this morning to no electricity and I was just lost. You see, I always wake up, head to the coffee pot and then to my computer. That's my morning routine. It only changes on Sundays when I just don't have the time. Thank goodness it didn't last too long. I don't know what I would've done. ;)

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Friday, March 28, 2008

100 things...

Thought I'd post one more before the weekend. I hope everyone has a good one! :)

This one is for a challenge at The Memory Zone. We had to use the title "100 things that I like" and no photos were allowed.
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the hawk.

Yesterday, Grandma M. came over and cut Jim's hair. He was sooooo nervous that he sweat through his t-shirt (I know, yuck). He was messing around with his new haircut later and decided to try the faux hawk thing. I definitely took advantage of him agreeing to let me take pictures (he wanted a new profile pic for myspace). He usuallly fights me on it and will never smile. So yay, I got a few good shots out of him. :)

Last night we came home to a voice mail from DQ. Jim has an interview set up for tomorrow at 11 am. Oh my goodness. I'm not sure who is more nervous/excited, him or me? It is hard for me to believe that my baby is going to be working and soon driving. I really don't know where the time goes. *sigh* (I seem to be doing that a lot lately.)
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Thursday, March 27, 2008

make a wish.

I finally got my hands on some Pink Paislee. I think I'm in love. lol It's so fun and easy to play with. Below is a layout that Nicholas did Monday afternoon. He is having so much fun with the freedom of playing in my scraproom with me. I love his color choices and he did a great job with his design and placement of everything.

This week has been nice. The kids are on Spring Break so we've spent a lot of time together. We went to my friend Norma's on Tuesday. All the kids played outside and Norma and I were able to talk about scrapbooking and just spend time catching up with one another.

Today Nicholas went to work with Nick, Steven went to spend the night with Ethan and Josh is going to spend the day with Grandma M. I think I'm going to get the baby down for a nap and do some more playing with my Pink Paislee. ;)
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Monday, March 24, 2008


Last Friday night, Nick went to play Rockband with the guys. Nicholas and I stayed home and scrapbooked together. It was so much fun. Here are our creations. :)

I joined the sketch challenge from The Memory Zone blog that my friend Rebecca drew out.

Nick did such an awesome job with his page. It is all his design. He even painted the title letters himself. (Proud mommy moment.)

This weekend was Easter. We had an egg hunt on Saturday at our church and Nicholas and Josh were in a skit during the Sunday morning service. I'll have to post some pics later.

Sunday afternoon we spent at Nick's mom's eating, visiting and just relaxing. It was a nice time. Anyway, I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! :)
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Friday, March 21, 2008


Here's a layout that I finished today. The picture is from Thanksgiving of last year and I used a sketch from My Sketch World for inspiration. Thanks for peeking. :)
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So, last week for the first time since Andrew's surgery, he slept in his crib for a nap. I thought it was a fluke at first but he did it 3 days in a row. I know you're now wondering okay, then where does he sleep? Well, I have nursed him to sleep in our bed for every nap and every night since his surgery. When he came home from the hospital, he went through this thing where he didn't want to be alone, ESPECIALLY in the dark. In fact, he is just now starting to not cry (scream, actually) in the van when it's dark outside. Anyway, I really thought that we were making a break-through and then....he got sick....again. He's been running a nasty fever and I took him in to the doctor to find out he has tonsillitis. It may have even been strep but she didn't want to put him through the culture. So now, he has gone back to "needing" me to go to sleep. I usually don't mind but sometimes I just wish I could put him down and have some time to myself. Oh well, I know that there will be a time that I long to have that back.

Last night, we took my Jimmy to DQ to drop off his first job application. Yeah, I could've cried. I had that big cheesy smile (only a mom would understand) on my face when he got back in the car. "Mom, what's that look for? If I didn't know you, I'd think you were some sick pedophile, smiling at me like that." I tell you what, the kid can sure ruin a moment. lol

My aunt was supposed to be here from Florida yesterday. Unfortunately I received news that she was up with the stomach flu that morning. :( Everyone is so disappointed. I hope you feel better soon Aunt Kay!! We love you and hope you are able to visit soon.

Yesterday I received a surprise phone call from my youngest sister, Melissa. It was so nice to get to talk to her. Hopefully her and her family will be coming for a visit this July. I'm so excited! I haven't seen them for about 6 years.

Well, I'm off to hopefully get some scrapping done today. :)
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Wednesday, March 19, 2008


the journaling reads:
I'm really not sure which one of us is more attached to the other. 3-17-08

the flowers

the stitching

This was a fun layout for me. I love the colors. It was a bit out of my comfort zone since I've been working with more earthy tones and neutrals lately. (and it's also a 12x12!) I'm happy with how it turned out though.

I'm really excited. My Aunt Kay (my dad's sister) is coming for a visit during the kids' Spring Break next week. It's been so wonderful getting to spend time with her over the last year. I've been wanting to be closer to family for so long and she's been such a blessing to me. Anyway, I probably won't do much blogging or scrapping next week.

Oh another thing...I put in an order this morning for some Pink Paislee products. I can not wait to get it in my hands. Gorgeous stuff!!
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Monday, March 17, 2008

wearing green.

It's St. Patrick's Day and we celebrate by putting on the green. ;) Andrew wasn't being as cooperative as I would've liked for the photos, but oh well. I had to cancel his immunizations for the third time today. He is sick again. This time it's a mysterious fever with no other symptoms besides a slight runny nose. I don't know what to think anymore. *sigh*

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Friday, March 14, 2008


Andrew's first birthday (2-22-08) baby and his cupcake. He was so hesitant about even touching the cupcake let alone eating it. :) He finally warmed up to it after awhile, realized it was messy and decided that was enough.

Oh and we've reached another milestone. Yesterday, Andrew learned to turn himself backwards and crawl down the stairs. Today, he decided it was a game to go up and down them...over and over. lol
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Thursday, March 13, 2008

card for Kaitlyn...

I didn't have as much free time as I would've liked today due to some unexpected errands I had to run. But.........I did get a card made for Kaitlyn's birthday. Unfortunately it's a week belated, but I'm sure that she'll forgive me when she sees the scrapbook stuff I put together for her. ;) So, here's my little bit of creativity for the day.

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feeling much better.

I have wonderful news. Our old insurance company (that went bankrupt) has finally paid Riley hospital. We got the EOB and it states that we owe a whopping $93 and some change (out of over $30,000). Yay!!!!! We believe this to be the last of our "big" bills from Andrew's surgery.

I'm feeling a bit better since I last posted. My mom is somewhat settled in her trailer and I received news that my sister had her surgery and seems to be cancer-free right now. Praise God! My headaches have also been much better this week. ;) Thank you everyone for you support and continued prayers.

This past Sunday we spent the day at Norma and Damien's. It had been too long since we last got together. Norma of course, spoiled us rotten with two wonderful meals. Yum! While Nick and Damien hung out, Norma and I stayed in her scrapbook room. She is such an inspiration. Walking into her room and seeing all of her beautiful work makes me miss scrapbooking (on a regular basis) so much. She loaded me up with a bunch of paper that she had duplicates of and said that she expected to see some work out of me. lol

I've spent the first part of this week Spring cleaning. My house has desperately need it. I cleaned each room from top to bottom and then tackled my scraproom. Since I haven't used it for scrapping much the past year, it had become the "catch-all" for everything else. I tore it apart, sorting through and dusting everything. Not a quick or easy task, but very worth it. I have a stack of paper work left on my desk to go through and then I hope to do something creative this afternoon. Wish me luck. ;)
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Friday, March 07, 2008


I've been at a loss for words lately, hence my lack of recent blogging. It's been a trying few weeks for me. I have definitely come to the conclusion that stress is my biggest and most hard to control migraine trigger. So much has been going on lately. My family (finally better) has been battling sickness for almost a month. Not only is it hard to watch those I love suffer but it also takes it toll on me to be "stuck" in the house. I think I had become stir crazy. I found out in Feb. that a very dear cousin to me is facing prison time and my heart has just been aching for him. My mother and stepfather have been going through severe financial issues, almost resulting in them being homeless. It has been a rough road (and will continue to be) but for now they have somewhere to go. My baby sister has cancer that is no longer in remission and is facing yet another surgery. It's really hard sometimes to watch all of these things happen and feel so helpless. All I can do is put these situations in God's hands and do what I can to help and support those that I love. I don't mean to be complaining or have a "poor me" attitude, but sometimes it just helps me to write down my feelings and "share" my burdens, so to speak. Anyway, please keep my family in your prayers.
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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

lazy week & a meme

I really don't have much going on this week so there's not much to blog about. ;) Life is good. The family is feeling better and life isn't so hectic. Here's a meme that I found, feel free to do it yourself. Oh, and if you visit, please leave a comment, I'd love to hear from you. (I know that there are lots of lurkers out there!)

One thing I won’t let my husband buy me…bread. lol I know it sounds trivial but he always buys the cheap stuff. ick.

One thing I would love to have, but I probably will never have…a baby girl - I do hope to have grand-baby girls though. ;)

One thing you will never find in my closet…a bikini. Even if I lost all of my weight I have to many stretch marks and scars.

One thing I would choose if I were having elective surgery...LASIK eye surgery.

One thing I love about my face…my eyes.

One thing that I love to do…create!

One thing I would like to change if I could…that is really hard to say. If you change one thing it would probably affect much more.

One thing I would change as a mom…I need to be consistently patient.

One thing I would do if I had unlimited money buy lots of new clothes.

One thing that I will not do again…get on a ride at the County Fair. scary.

One thing that I would like to do…shop and not have to worry about money.

One thing I could do without...a whole bunch of my scrapbooking supplies.

One thing I love to smell…the rain.

One thing I would do if I won the lottery…besides shop? ;)

One thing that I love about winter…ahh....the freezing cold temperatures and never-ending sicknesses. Yep, love winter. (a teeny bit of sarcasm)

One thing I love about scrapbooking…Journaling, keeping the feelings as well as the details.

One thing I am addicted to…the computer.

One thing I pray for…my children.

One thing I wish I had… one extra hour per day... between noon and 3PM.

One thing I would do again, regardless of the pain…be a mom (and I am not referring only to childbirth pain.)

One thing that I absolutely hate to do…fill the tank with gas. (I hate the time it takes and that handle is very germy!)

One thing that is weird about me…I can pick up just about anything with my toes.

One thing that I need help on…waking up, I'm so not a morning person.

One thing I find most relaxing...very soft, goosebumpy backrubs.

One thing that could get me in trouble…internet shopping.

One thing that annoys me…a mess.

One thing I dread; therefore, don’t do very often…speaking in front of people.

One thing that I have learned, but still sometimes forget…that I don't need everything that I want and I could live without much of what I have and still be more blessed than many.

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