Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Yesterday was a pretty exciting day for me. It was my "debut" on the Sketch This blog. Yay! I also received quite an interesting proposal from the owner of a new and upcoming scrapbook store. I'll share details later. :)

On a more personal front, Andrew went to see his doctor for a well baby check-up. He hasn't been gaining any weight and is now at the 20th percentile. He is still nursing and just doesn't really eat much solid food. I offer and offer some more but the boy just wants to breastfeed. At this point he's not failing to thrive or anything so it's not a huge concern but we are going to start him on Pediasure just to make sure we stay on top of it. Other than that, everything is great!

At about 3:00 this morning, Steven woke up with the stomach flu. UGH. I really had thought that we escaped that nasty bug this year. I guess not. I'm so not looking forward to the next week or so. I won't name any names but it's all Laurie R.'s fault. LOL (I love you Laurie) Steven sat next to Robbie on Sunday morning and I guess he came down with it that afternoon. Oh well, what can you do? I just hope I'm okay for Saturday's crop. :(
*ETA* I owe Laurie an apology. Rob told Nick at breakfast this morning, that Robbie had a migraine Sunday not the flu. I definitely know how that is. Sorry Laurie!
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Colleen said...

I saw your layout on the blog yesterday and it's great!! Hope things continue to improve with Andrew!

mel said...

awesome lo!hope yuor little guy get better.tfs

Meg Giroux said...

Jen, This is really cute! I hope your little guys are feeling better soon!

BethieJ said...

That is sooo CUTE Jen!!
Hope your sweetie is better SOON! I am gonna check the sketch blog you linked here!
Have a GREAT day!

Jen Sue Wild said...

Jenn I am so happy for you!!
What a great LO.
Sorry to hear the flu hit your home no fun..

Norma Kennedy said...

Hey girl luv your avatar but I miss seeing andrew pretty little face :') Yikes-So are we still on for Friday ? Hope Steven is feeling better soon !

Kelly C. said...

Your card is awesome and Congrats on your first with the new DT! I see BIG THINGS in your future!