Thursday, September 27, 2007

the 911 call

my 7 month old cutie

had to include the precious little "tear" photo

here's a shot of his big ol' bruise, poor guy

Yesterday was one of those days. It started out pretty good. The kids were at school, I had NO headache, no specific plans, just doing laundry and straightening up the house. I decided to make a nice dinner (chicken alfredo)...yeah, I know, you're surprised, really I do cook once in awhile. ;)

Anyway, while getting everything ready to start making dinner, I had Andrew in the Bumbo seat on the kitchen counter so that he could watch me. It's something that we always do. He loves to be able to see what's going on. Well, I turned my back for just a few seconds and he dropped the toy he had been playing with and decided to go after it. He flipped out of the Bumbo and fell face first onto the kitchen floor. I picked him up, he was alert and started screaming. I immediately saw that his forehead was where he had hit. I called Nick first, trying to decide whether or not to call 911. As soon as he answered and I told him that the baby fell, Andrew's mouth and lips started to turn blue, I hung up and called an ambulance. He never lost consciousness, thank goodness and he had calmed down once the paramedics had arrived. His vitals were normal and he stayed alert. The paramedics felt comfortable letting us take him to the hospital for observation. They stayed with me for about 45 minutes until Nick was able to make it home from work and we took him in. At the hospital, the doctor ordered a CT scan to check for any internal bleeding. They were particularly worried because of his recent cranial surgery. The CT was normal and we were sent home with orders to do neuro checks on him every couple of hours around the clock.

I can not even put into words the fear that I experienced through this ordeal. I can't even fathom how the 911 dispatcher was able to hear or understand me through my frantic crying and Andrew screaming. I'm so thankful that everything ended up okay. I sit here, so deeply grateful to God for the safety of my son. He made it through with only a nasty bruise to show for it.

In other news, I went in for a glucose tolerance test on Monday morning. Last night I received news that it came back abnormal (diabetes). I can't tell you that it surprises me much. I have not being feeling right lately. My blood pressure has been sky high and my blood sugar has been up there too. I have an appt. next Thursday with the endocrinologist that I saw during my pregnancy. Please keep my health in your prayers, I have also been having troubles with my asthma and have an ongoing battle with my migraines. Nick and I both think that hopefully, prayerfully that when I can get my blood pressure and sugar regulated that everything else will start feeling better.

Everything else is going good. The boys brought home midterms yesterday and all is well there. We have started our Wednesday night family devotion time and everyone really seems to enjoy it. During the summer I did a daily devotion time with them and it was so nice. I'm very happy that we decided to take a night every week during the school year also. It think it really helps the kids to keep focused on their relationship with God and also strengthens our family connection.

Soccer games are still going we have 3 more weeks left of the season. I really need to take my camera and get some shots of the boys. They are having a blast. Steven's team is undefeated so far (they were last season also). Nick is doing awesome. He makes a great forward. Josh, he's funny. He will run and run and get to the ball but then he'll let someone else kick it. He's not very aggressive. We'll be working on that for next year. :)

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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

what are you rated?

Thought this was cute. Click here to find out your rating.

I'm having a pretty relaxing day. The boys are in school, the baby is napping and my house is clean and straightened - for the most part at least.

Yesterday, Danielle and I went out for lunch and did some shopping. We had such a great time, it had been way too long since we had gotten out together. I bought Andrew a lot of fall/winter clothes and a couple of pairs of shoes. I also picked up the boys' winter coats.

It's hard to believe that cold weather is just around the corner. I don't look forward to winter at all. Hmm, do you think it would help if I protest?
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