Wednesday, November 15, 2006

a meme...

Here's Sophia's blogging challenge for this week. Thought it looked kind of fun. My answers are in bold.

one. I am cranky and pregnant
two. My husband knows me best
three. I feel frustrated that my house is in shambles
four. the most important thing in my life is God
five. I always carry my cell phone and debit card
six. I think about having a new baby all the time (pretty scary)
seven. I'm at my happiest when I'm with my family
eight. on a Monday morning, you can find me drinking my cup of tea and on 2peas (just like every other weekday morning)
nine. my favorite food ingredient is cheese, I love cheese
ten. my eyes are a bright green
eleven. my favorite material possession is hmmm, a toss up between my computer and my camera...
twelve. to relax, I like to read the newspaper, a magazine or even a good book
thirteen. the town I live in is small and I love it
fourteen. my worst habit is Pepsi
fifteen. my guilty pleasure is scrapbook supplies
sixteen. when I look at someone, the first thing I see is eyes
seventeen. I think a lot about the future
eighteen. I can live without dirty bathrooms
nineteen. I wish I had a housekeeper
twenty. my life is good
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Thursday, November 02, 2006

the last two weeks...

I know, I've been a bad blogger. I do have an excuse though, really! Last week Nick was on vacation. We didn't really go anywhere or do anything terribly exciting but we did spend some well needed time together. It was a break from work and the stress that goes with it for him and a break from laundry and housework for me. Boy, did the week just fly by!

We went looking for baby stuff and I think I found the crib bedding I want for Andrew. I think it's perfect for sharing a room with Josh, not to "babyish". I just love the colors and textures.

We also went to a few pet stores (supposedly looking for a gecko for Steve) and I discovered that I am a complete sucker for cute little puppies and kittens. If it weren't for Nick being an ogre, lol I would have come home with a "shnoodle" and a cute little grey kitty. Allergies? Nah, we don't have any allergies. Not in our house.

I really need to upload photos from my camera. We went and picked out pumpkins on the coldest night last week and carved them the next evening. We hadn't done that the past couple of years (I know, bad parents). Josh hated the feeling of pumpkin "guts" and absolutely refused to put his hands inside one.

Halloween night was nice. We went trick or treating in the subdivision behind us. Chris, Monica and the kids came with. It was so much nicer outside than last year with the cold, nasty rain. We drove out to see Nick's mom and also went to Walmart where my mom was working to surprise her. I think it made her night to see the boys.

Tuesday I had a doctor appointment and found out some disturbing news. My doctor is moving to California in January. This is a problem since I won't be delivering until the last week of Feb. or 1st week of March. I am really upset because I adore my doctor. I have never been more comfortable with an ob/gyn than I am with him, and believe me, I've had plenty of different ones. So, after he broke the news to me (he seemed equally upset) he recommended a doctor that has an office close to me. The good news is I will be able to deliver at a non-catholic hospital and that means that I can get a tubal done. That is a very good thing. One problem solved. I am very nervous about the new doctor thing though. My first appointment with him is next month.

On another pregnancy note, my blood pressure is still elevated. I have to see the doctor every two weeks instead on every four so we can keep an eye on it. I guess I have what they call gestational hypertension which can easily lead to pre-eclampsia. Bad stuff. For now though everything is okay. I'm not having any swelling or excessive weight gain (in fact I lost yet another pound this past two weeks). I had that 24 hour urine test a couple months ago and that was normal. So, for now all we can do is just pray that everything stays under control.

After my doctor appointment I decided to go to Walmart and look for make-up for Nicholas' mummy costume. Of course, there wasn't a tube of white make-up to be found. I decided to take a stroll by the baby department. I actually bought a few things!! I found a folding baby bathtub (that's the kind I had with Nick and Josh and loved it) and some gowns, cute little hats and a few sleepers. It was so very weird to pick these things out for myself. Do you realize how long it's been since I've bought baby stuff????
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