Wednesday, July 26, 2006

baby happenings

Yesterday afternoon was my 2nd OB appointment. Nick and I were so excited to see our new baby via ultrasound. Doctor says all looks wonderful. The heartbeat is very strong and baby looks healthy. I'm so happy for the good news. I pray that everything continues to go well. My blood pressure has been high for both visits. I've never had a problem with that. I hope it's only because of my nerves.

I haven't scanned the ultrasound photos yet but I'll post them when I do. They really aren't very clear, the baby is still pretty little.

I'm still pretty sick. The nausea comes and goes all day long. Man, and I thought for sure I was going to get lucky and not have "morning" sickness like I did with the other pregnancies. Guess that's what I get for thinking. :)

Tomorrow is Mary's viewing. I'm not at all looking forward to going. Friday is the funeral and that will be even worse. Please keep her family in your prayers. She left behind a husband (one of the sweetest men I know) and 3 daughters. It's going to be rough for them for quite some time.

Well, I'm off to sit in my recliner and watch tv or maybe even take a nap. After church tonight Jim is bringing home some friends for a "sleep over". I will have a house full of teenage boys, I'm gonna need the rest. lol
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Tuesday, July 25, 2006


So, I had a really good weekend for the most part. Camping was fun except for the whole sick thing on Sat. after our 3 hour boat ride. That was horrible. I so didn't want to be a "party pooper" but I was absolutely miserable. I ended up vomitting in the Subway bathroom and sleeping half the day away. The pregnant thing isn't always that much fun. Other than that though it was good times. There is something to be said for just getting to be with your friends, no other worries or responsibilities.

Yeah, I know, there aren't any photos posted. Can you believe I forgot my camera in the truck everywhere we went?? What kind of scrapbooker am I? :p

I am having a really somber week. Saturday night we received the news that my friend Mary died. I could have gotten sick when I heard. Mary was one of those people that was very misunderstood. Many people wouldn't even give her a chance. She was very opinionated. I always respected her honesty and appreciated knowing where she stood. She was also very "pushy". She was a salesperson - a very good one. One thing I learned quickly with Mary was that if I wanted to say no about something (for example: having a workshop or even ordering product) than I just had to come out and say no or she would keep after me until I felt guilty and said yes. When I learned to do that our friendship began to grow. She was also a very generous person, offering to help wherever she could. She quickly became my mentor. It is because of her that I am a scrapbooker. We have spent many hours together working on projects, teaching each other. We have spent many hours together talking on the phone and through email. We laughed together and confided in each other . I was always surprised by how well we got along together, I never would have expected to call her one of my good friends. I thank God for the time I did have with Mary. She taught me so much, not only the art of stamping but more importantly the "art" of standing up for what you believe and not being ashamed.
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Wednesday, July 19, 2006


My computer is up and running again. I heart Rob R.! If it weren't for him I don't know what we would do. I seem to have more computer issues than the average Joe. So, Nick called him up last night after Rockstar (my hubby is such a sweetie, he knows how important my computer is to me) and he walked us through instructions and now it's all fixed. Yay! Rob is my hero. :)

Today, I'm going to get a haircut. This is always a somewhat scarey thing for me. I never know what I'm going to come home with. I guess that I'm also going to go over to Lane Bryant and buy some clothes. It seems like such a waste since they aren't maternity but I have NOTHING to wear (excluding the paint spattered, cut-off sweats I wear around the house). If I'm going to go camping I suppose clothes are not optional. I am just trying to think about my fellow "Oasis" friends. :p

Tomorrow night we are leaving for the camping trip. Nick's mom is taking the kids for us. I am really hoping that I will feel good most of the time. Nick is so excited about going. We had a great time a couple of years ago when we last went. I'm not sure how long we're staying. I guess we'll play it by ear.

I will try and post tomorrow. There's a blogging challenge I'd love to do. We'll see what time permits. I have lots of packing to do. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!
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Tuesday, July 18, 2006


I'm gonna kick my kids' butts. I have kept them off of my computer for the the past two years because it seems that everytime they get on it and play online games - something goes wrong. Well, I'm a sucker. They've been on it more than me lately. This morning I went to get online and - nope, nothing. My modem and router are obviously working fine because I'm up in Steve's room using his computer. By the way, it is a painfully slow computer. I was going to use Jim's but the batteries on the wireless mouse are dead and I have none to replace them. Go figure.

So, anyway, I guess I should just be happy that I have another way to get online but it's just so frustrating. I haven't a clue what happened to mine and what I'll have to do to get it fixed. It's probably (hopefully) a setting but I don't have a clue what it would be.

On another subject, I am exhausted. I am unmotivated and did I mention I am super tired? I feel as if I could sleep all day long. As far as other pregnancy symptoms I'm not doing so bad. I have a sore chest, and very minor nausea that comes and goes. I really can't complain. The bad part is that I can no longer button any of my pants. This is a problem. I am only 7 weeks along.

Tonight we're having my mom and Dan over for dinner. It's been so long since I've been able to spend much time with her. It's sad really. She lives less than 30 minutes from me and it's almost like she's still 600 miles away.

Good news today, the UPS guy delivered my layout from the Imperfect Lives book. I am so happy to have it back safe and sound.

Well, I guess I'm going to go and fiddle with my computer and see if I can make it worse.
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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Ready, Set, Create!!

I came home yesterday evening after a very long and frustrating day to find an email from Jen at Ready, Set, Create and they want my Reptile layout for their Aug/Sept issue. Yay!

Some good news was definitely nice to hear after my long day of shopping. Yep, I had started out the day excited but it didn't last long. My search for maternity clothes was a bust. I ended up with one pair of capris and 2 plain t-shirts. There aren't many places around here that sell plus-sized maternity. I really don't get it to be honest. I guess I will have to buy online. :(
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Friday, July 14, 2006

a "free" day

A visual of my leaky scraproom corner.

I woke up this morning to the sounds of a thunderstorm. I just love storms and usually sleep like a baby during them. My first thought of the morning as I lay in bed was relief. Aah, I won't have to worry about my scraproom getting all wet from a leaking roof. Yeah, well serves me right for thinking so early in the morning.

I walked downstairs to hear the all to familiar "drip....drip....drip" sound. Ugh. I checked it out, had to grab another pan and a towel. Not only was it leaking from the original spot but now there was a new one. My carpet is soaked and my CPU was quite wet. (very scarey thing for me.) I called Nick, knowing I was going to ruin his morning. He's here now, on the roof, with the garden hose trying to figure out where the leak is coming from and why.

On another roof note, I have to say we are very fortunate and very thankful to have the friends that we do. This is the 3rd roof that Dave W. has come and helped us with. Dave T. was here with Nick for the past 2 days and Dave W. came yesterday evening to help get it finished (without that extra help it wouldn't have gotten done last night). So, I'm just thankful for these men and their willingness to help (and their families who sacrifice their time with them.)

Well, while Nick is up there trying to figure out how to stop our leak, I'll share some exciting news. I found this at Amazon. I am sooooo very excited!! I found out from Tara that the photo is of the old cover (I guess they decided to change it.) She also said the book should be on the shelves late September, early October. YAY!!

I think Nick has temporarily fixed our leak -- just in time for another storm. I can hear the thunder.

Today I have plans to go shopping. I have a wedding shower on Sunday. Tomorrow is a family reunion I have to cook for so I have to go to the grocery store. If you know me at all, you know I really do not enjoy cooking at all. But I do get to go clothes shopping. Not a lot but I do need a few pairs of shorts and stuff. We're going camping next week and I have one pair of shorts. Yeah, I know I'm only 6 weeks along but when you have already had 4 kids and are on your 7th pregnancy - it's just like BOOM! The uterus doesn't need ANY time to stretch. Now mind you I can fit in my clothes, they are just a bit tight. I just can't stand tight anymore. Back when I was in highschool that's all we wore. Now, not so much.

But anyway, I have a "free" day today. The kids spent the night at Carol's and we are going over there for dinner tonight. So, not only do I not have any children today - I also don't have to cook. Bonus!
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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Dr. visit update

I figured I'd better check-in real quick for those of you who have been wanting to know what the doctor said yesterday. Nothing extremely exciting. Since my last period was a bit weird he decided to do an ultrasound to see if I was further along. Nope, I'm about 6 weeks and the ultrasound is pretty boring at this stage. We really didn't see much other than the gestational sac. He wants to see me in 2 weeks and he'll do another ultrasound so that we can see the heartbeat. I'll also get a full exam at that time. My due date is March 8, 2007. Wow, that seems so far away.

Well, Nick is out on the roof today. I just finished feeding the guys lunch but haven't cleaned up the mess in the kitchen so that's where I'm headed. I hope everyone is having a great day.

And hey, if you are reading this make sure you leave me a comment, even if it's just to say hello! I know there are quite a few of you that visit. :)
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Monday, July 10, 2006

just another entry... (I really hate coming up with titles!)

Sorry it's been 4 days since I last posted. I have just been super tired and really unmotivated.

We've had several birthday parties in the last couple of days. I guess it's that time of year. This coming Sat. we have a family reunion, next weekend is a camping trip and the one after that is a wedding. Our weekends just never seem to be "unbusy".

Last night Nick and I went to see Pirates of the Carribean. It was pretty good. I must say I thought the first was much better though. I really didn't care to be left hanging like that.

Today I had a appointment with my allergy/asthma doctor. I had a pulmonary function test and all is well. My lungs have handled going off the Flovent very well.

Tomorrow is my first OB appointment. I'm pretty excited. I'm of course hoping he will do an ultrasound so that we can be sure of the due date. We will see. Please pray that all is well.

Well, I need to go finish a game of Mario Party with the boys. I will try not to take such a long break between posts! :)

Oh yeah, forgot to mention - I made it to the second round of the Summer Bash Contest over at Scrappin Trends. Yay! Only two rounds left to go. ;)
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Thursday, July 06, 2006

a "catch up" post

I can't believe it's been 5 days since I last posted. I've been sick all week with a sinus infection. No fun. I think I'm finally getting better though.

The Community Cookout on Saturday went great. The craft I picked out (pinwheels) went over pretty well. Everyone seemed to have a wonderful time.

Sunday evening, Nick "officially" announced the pregnancy at church. Many people already knew though. News travels quickly! After the evening service I went to the Immediate Care Center and found out about my sinus infection. The doctor put me on amoxicillin.

Nick has had this killer "toothache" and finally got a dentist appt. Monday afternoon. Unfortunately they couldn't find anything wrong with the tooth in question and have no idea what is causing him so much pain. It's really frustrating when you hurt and don't know why.

The fourth of July (Tuesday) was a blah day (for me at least). We ended up being late for the parade. We went to Rick and Jen's, which was going really well until Nick got one of those "dreaded" phone calls. Kyle had been in a really serious car accident. Nick left and spent most of the afternoon at the hospital. (Kyle is alright. Pretty beat up but alive.) We went to the fireworks in the evening and I really didn't think they were very good. Of course, my opinion may be tainted since I was crabby and really didn't want to be there to begin with. After that we went to Carol's and she made us grilled cheese (we were all starving) and we shot off the fireworks that I bought Nick for Father's Day.

Yesterday was a bad headache day and I didn't do much of anything. When Nick came home we ordered pizza and watched the original Superman movie with the boys. I think they enjoyed it more than they thought they would considering it's a "1970's" movie. :)

Today I had the lovely experience of grocery shopping. Yay.

Tonight is dinner (Mmm...taco salad) at Carol's. We're going to watch Rockstar and Big Brother.

By the way - the premiere of Rockstar: Supernova was somewhat disappointing. There are only 3 singers I liked. Toby, Josh and Jill. Hopefully the others will do better next week. I must say it is still worth watching with Tommy Lee and Dave Navaro on. (Did I just admit that?!)
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Saturday, July 01, 2006

one more new layout

Okay, just finished this one (yeah, I opted out of helping out in the yard - it's pretty darn hot out there.) Anyway, I am really happy with this one. I like the simplicity.
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Feeling better today.

Here's the layout I finished last night. Just about some of my "scattered" thoughts about finding out I'm pregnant.

Today I'm feeling pretty good. Got up and actually ate breakfast. Poor Nick is absolutely and totally miserable. We think he has a bad tooth and there isn't a dentist that will see him before next Wednesday since it's 4th of July weekend. Ugh.

Well, we are all praying it won't rain today/tonight for the Hobart Community Cookout. The weather forecast is thunderstorms this pm though.

I'm off to go help with yard work. Hope everyone has a great weekend!
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