Monday, June 26, 2006


I'm exhausted. I really am. VBS last week wore me out. We also had Josh's 5th birthday party Saturday night and that just zapped every last bit of energy I had left.

It was a great party, lots of guests, lots of great gifts. Josh had a ton of fun. Eric and Jeffrey showed up with party hats, favors, and a HUGE present. They wrapped up two gifts in like 10 boxes - one box inside of the other, and all were taped up good and wrapped. Too fun.

At church yesterday the VBS kids and leaders sang one of the songs we worked on last week. It was really cute, motions and all. Actually it was quite funny watching the leaders. (I conveniently got out of doing it myself - I know, I should be ashamed.)

After church we had our last Hobart Community Cookout meeting. It's hard to believe it's this Saturday already. I am heading up crafts and I really hope the kids will like what I picked out. After the meeting Nick and I went to Applebee's for lunch with Chris, Josh, Janel and Freddie.

Jimmy got his new eye glasses yesterday afternoon. I will have to sneak up on him and get a picture! :)

We went to Rick and Jen's before and after evening service and the boys were able to go swimming.

Jim had a multi-church teen afterward. We picked up George also and he ended up staying the night.

Today was house cleaning and laundry day. The weekend always takes a toll on my house. I'm going to Mer's tonight and looking forward to it. It's not very often anymore that I really get to spend much time with her.

I'm off to make dinner - Chicken Alfredo. (The boys hate it, Nick loves it.)
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mer said...

That superman suit thingy is awesome, I want one!......I'll wear it to work.