Monday, June 05, 2006

Dr. Visit, House Cleaning and a Birthday

So remember Friday, when I said I was going to clean my dirty house? Well, as soon as I posted that my phone rang. The school called and Nick was in the nurse's office. Long story short - Thursday afternoon, Josh threw dirt at Nick while they were outside playing, it got in his eye. We tried to rinse it out a few times. Thursday night it was really bothering him, I rinsed it again and hoped it would start to feel better. Well, by Friday afternoon it was super irritated and I decided to pick him up from school (poor kid really wanted to tough it out and stay) and take him to the doctor. It ends up he has a really bad abrasion on his cornea. OW! The doctor showed me (under the "blue" light) and wow, poor baby, it was huge. So, we've had to put antibiotic drops in every two hours, he has to keep sunglasses on and we need to take him to an Opthamologist to make sure there wasn't any severe damage. Needless to say, Friday I spent the day at the doctor's office and the pharmacy.

Saturday, we all got up and left in the morning to the Regional Streeters car show. It's one of Nick's favorites to go to every year. We got home about 1 in the afternoon. Nick worked outside on the landscaping and I cleaned the house - oh, until about 9. Not a ton of fun but at least it's done.

Sunday wasn't too out of the ordinary. We went to church had an after-service meeting, went to lunch and then spent a little time with Chris W. and his new girlfriend. It's really great to him with someone.

That brings us to today.....It's my oldest son's birthday. He is 14 years old. Yep, you bet I feel old. :) I'm very proud of Jim. He's a great kid. Of course, he can be mouthy and full of attitude at times but hey, he's a teenager. So far he's kept a good head on his shoulders. I pray that he will continue to make good choices in his life. I also hope and pray that his and I's relationship will continue to grow, that we are able to talk, laugh and spend time together that we both really enjoy. That is very important to me and hopefully to him also.
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Sheila said...

Ouch! I hope his eye heals quickly!

Anonymous said...

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