Friday, September 09, 2005

And the school year has officially begun!

We are sick. 3 (probably 4) out of the 6 of us have strep throat so far. Josh and I went to the Dr. on Tuesday morning. My "official" diagnosis is bronchitis and sinusitis. Josh has a "throat infection". The doc suspected strep but didn't want to swab the poor baby's raw, swollen throat. Nick went Wed. night and had the swab done and the confirmation was made. It's strep.

Nicholas has been coughing and is home from school today. I suppose we'll be off to the doctor's office in the near future. Another one down. ....sigh

I'm going to rant just for a moment about daycare---- Josh is 4, he is the one who came home with the first symptom, he brought home the wonderful illness that in the long run will end up costing our family at least $400 for doctor visits and meds (not counting any of the work I have missed). Now, I will begin this rant stating that I am fully aware that getting sick and all is just a fact of life, and in actuality is not anyone's fault. I am just angry and the situation. --end of disclaimer-- ;) Long story short, I was supposed to work, I was sick, had a sick child. I had to find out the "sick policy" of my day care so I knew when they would let him back. I try to be very respectful of these sorts of policies because I would want others to do the same. So, I found out he had a "throat infection" and called them. Keep in mind the doctor says after 24 hours and as long as he's feeling like it, he's okay to go back. The preschool doesn't want him for the rest of the week. They suppose that if he's really okay maybe on Friday. They said that I might as well just keep him home with me though but I will have to pay for the week anyway. WHAT???? Hmm, my doctor releases him in 24 hours but he can't come back AND I have to pay you? Wow. What a load of crap. I really wasn't quite sure what to say at that moment. I think they were lucky (so was I) that I was in shock and just didn't feel good. I may have gotten myself in trouble.

I don't think I need to get my son kicked out of preschool right now! Not when we so desperately need to keep him there. It's the most reasonable priced place around and with two mortgages that's an important thing.
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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Okay, so I started a blog!

I've been thinking for awhile about starting a blog but just kept putting the idea on the "back burner". I don't seem to have the time for much of anything right now. It's been a long time since I've kept a "journal" of any kind and actually kept up with it. But when I have in the past it's always been a very positive outlet for me. I think I could use that right about now. So, anyway I'm hoping this will just be a fun thing for me to do.

I suppose I should set a goal. I would love to get to write everyday. Even if it's just a short sentence or two. Yeah, and then reality hits. We'll see...
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